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Classroom Expectations

I have high expectations of my students. I expect that their homework will be completed or a note will be sent in if there was a problem understanding the assignment. I also expect that students will talk with me about problems that they are having understanding the work we are completing in school. Even though I know that students will occasionally have a bad day, it is expected that we will treat each other with respect and work together for all of us to learn.
Our school uses PBIS. This means the following for each of the areas. (They are listed below with the expectations.)
Be Respectful - We will speak respectfully to each other. This means that we will use kind words and actions even when we are upset with each other.
Be Responsible - We will follow through with what we have said we would do.
Be Ready - We will remember the rules we discussed as a class and use them. We will do our best to have everything we need at one time or we will discuss what is missing and ways to take care of the missing items in order to move forward. We will also have our work from the day before completed so that we are ready to move into the next lesson or discuss problems we had with the assignment so that it will be clear for the next time.
Be Safe - We will work to keep each other safe in all areas of our school by following the rules that have been discussed.