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Classroom Expectations

Classroom and Hybrid Expectations


-When a student is on a virtual day, they are EXPECTED/REQUIRED to complete ALL assignments that are posted to their portfolio on Class DOJO by MIDNIGHT, otherwise they will be marked absent for that day.


As the school year continues the amount of assignments/activities will increase.  




For all primary students at Rockhill Elementary, please draw a picture of your favorite thing you did all summer, and write a sentence. (A parent can help with the spelling.)  Have your parent or guardian take a picture and send it to their teacher via DOJO messages, AND bring it to school on Tuesday September 1, 2020. 


Student Responsibilities from the SHC Elementary Handbook


Student responsibilities are many and begin with those which the student has to self, to peers, to adults, to his/her school building and its surroundings, and to his/her community.  In particular, students share with the administration and faculty in the responsibility to develop a climate within the school which contributes to worthwhile learning and living.


Student responsibility also includes:

  • Regular school attendance
  • Conscientious effort in classroom work
  • Expressing ideas and opinions in a respectful, courteous manner, taking care not to offend others
  • Respecting the rights of students, cafeteria, and custodial personnel, office staff, bus drivers, teachers, administrators and all others involved in the educational process
  • Observing the rules and regulations of student behavior for Southern Huntingdon County Elementary Schools
  • Properly using school materials, equipment, and facilities in a manner that prevents costly damage
  • Caring for all textbooks and library books issued to them.  All books must be accounted for or paid for prior to the end of the school year if lost.  A fee will be charged for books damaged beyond the extent of normal use.


Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS)


The Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports system has been adopted by Southern Huntingdon County Elementary Schools as a means to instill proper behavior within our students.. The expectations are broken down into four general items: Respectful, Responsible, Ready, and Safe.


Behavior Policy:

Students are expected to adhere to the behavior policies of Rockhill Elementary as well as the classroom rules. Our classroom is a positive learning environment, and behavior that disrupts this positive environment or the learning of others will not be tolerated. Our classroom rules are simple, and are constructed with student input the first week of school. Since implementing PBIS last school year, we build our class rules off of our PBIS guidelines of being respectful, responsible, safe, and ready:

Be Respectful

-Follow adult-teacher directions the first time.

-Use kind words and actions.

-Speak when it is your turn.

-Use indoor voices.

Be Responsible

-Take care of personal and school property

-Give your best effort.

-Be honest.

Be Ready

-Be prepared for class and for learning.

Be Safe

-Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

-Sit on your chair with your feet, and the chair's feet, on the floor.

Generally, most minor behavior infractions will be dealt with as follows:

 1stoffense: teacher warning

2ndoffense: teacher begins filling out office referral

3rdoffense: ODR is completed and student goes to ‘Rocket Refueling.’ Referral is sent home for parent signature.

 *Administration may choose to enact further disciplinary measures accordingly.

 *There may be circumstances when the warning is skipped and the referral is immediately completed for a minor behavior infraction, depending on behavior.

 *Major behavior infractions will result in immediate ODR (office referral) and administrative action.


Individually, students will earn tickets and be rewarded with prizes and fun activities for effort put forth and good behavior.