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Classroom Expectations

Assigned seats and Teams

Students are sorted into different colored tables within their class. These groups become their teams for the year: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Purple. Teams can earn rocket tickets by working the hardest, cleaning up the fastest, paying attention to instructions, or participating in class discussions. The team that does the best during their class period can win tickets.
Students are allowed to move about the room freely to retrieve supplies or materials, and/or discuss their work with others, as long as they are staying on task and getting their work done.  

Free Art Days
Every time a class is working well, and everyone in the class is staying on task for the entire period they can earn an "Awesome Art Day". This means that they can color in a spot on the Awesome Art Day sheet. When their row is filled up with Awesome Art days they earn a "Free Art Day" in which they can choose to make, play, or experiment with any materials or games I bring. Behavior 
  • Be kind and helpful to others!

  • Be Positive! NEVER Give up!

  • Always raise your hand

  • Don’t speak while others are talking/wait your turn. If I am helping someone do not interrupt.

  • ALWAYS sign your work! First name, Grade, and First letter of Teacher’s name Ex. Abby in Mr. Smith's 1st grade would write Abby 1S.

  • Do not take any work home before you take your pictures and submit them to Artsonia!

  • "Sit like the Mona Lisa"- When students enter the classroom they should go to their assigned seats and Sit like the Mona Lisa so that I know they are ready to begin. Her mouth is closed, her hands are safe in her lap, and her eyes and ears are open and ready to learn.

  • Stay on task

  • Use Materials and tools safely and appropriately

  • Clean up on time! I should only have to tell the students once. 

Lecture time- This is when I will be introducing a new project and vocabulary to students including the history, background, culture, or techniques behind the projects they will be creating. When I ask questions students should participate and raise their hand if they know the answer.

Demo time- This is when I am showing the steps to the projects we will be doing and giving instructions. If students have questions or comments they should raise their hand.

Studio time- This is when students are free to work on their artwork. They may talk but only if they are staying on task and using their inside voices.

Critique time- This is when students will use vocabulary skills to talk about their work and the works of others. During a critique students can ask questions about the work of others, or make suggestions appropriately in a constructive manner. Only one person should talk at a time. The artist can talk about their work using appropriate vocabulary and then call on other students for questions or comments.

Pictures need to be posted to Artsonia before any artworks are taken home. More informations about Artsonia can be found under the resources tab of this website. 


This rubric shows how projects are graded. Each Project is worth 10 points.


What does that mean?

0 points

1 point

2 points

Project Requirements 

I followed every step and detail that I was asked to do.



I tried my best leaving no yucky glue, stray lines, or scribbles.



I added something special to make it my own.



I raised my hand, answered questions and helped during discussions. 


Use of Materials

I was careful, followed safety rules, and used medium correctly.